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The Deep World Of Indian Cuisine

In Japan, generally many people think of Indian food as only Naan and Curry. However, in India, there are many other delicious dishes such as Dosa (crepe), Idly (steamed bread), Biryani (spiced rice), etc. We offer a wide variety of Indian cuisines like local dishes, simple menus made at home in South India, Tandoor dishes baked in a large kiln, or feasts that can only be eaten on special occasions. Please take this opportunity to enjoy the deep world of traditional Indian cuisine at Dakshin.

If you have any questions about the meal content, the ingredients used, how to eat, etc., please feel free to talk to our floor staff.

We will do our best to help you enjoy your Indian meal even more.

Freshly Made and Freshly Baked

  • At Dakshin, we make everything from curry, fried food, to kiln-baked dishes only after receiving an order from the customer.
  • No preservatives or colourings are used. Always, our guests can enjoy freshly made hot food. All our kitchen chefs wholeheartedly cook and serve each dish.

Commitment To Ingredients

Various spices and herbs that can be called the life of Indian cuisine are all imported directly from India. From the selected meat and seafood, the chef carefully removes any excess fat or bone and marinate nicely with spices so that customers who "Don’t like the smell of Mutton" or "Eating fish with the bone" can also enjoy Dakshin's dishes. Please enjoy easy-to-eat and aromatic Indian food to your heart's content.

Five-Star Hotel Chef

Dakshin's chefs are truly Indian cuisine masters who were trained at five-star hotels in India. They were trained to serve guests of various nationalities and races. We aim to create delicious food even for those who can’t eat spicy foods or beginners to Indian food.

Of course, the spicy taste just like authentic Indian food can also be served. Please have your own Indian travel experience at Dakshin by informing our staff of your taste preferences.

How our Online Shop Products are deliciousness

At Dakshin, not only in our restaurant but also for products purchased online, the chef basically prepares the food after receiving the order at our restaurant. Later it is vacuum packed by putting in -30 ℃ alcohol. So it is frozen rapidly and this will prevent the food from losing taste and nutrition during defrosting. We are using the latest freezing technology to keep the food delicious and healthy. It is our pleasure if you can enjoy the taste of Dakshin at your home.

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